Start Windows 10 in safe or fault-proof mode:

If you use a PC it is basic you are familiar with the safe mode of Windows 10. Below we explain what it consists of and we will show you how to start Windows 10 in safe mode so you can review and repair your operating system.

What is Windows 10 in safe mode?

When starting Windows 10 in safe mode what is done is accessing a basic version of the operating system that does not load any third-party software or the specific drivers of our hardware. Enter Windows 10 secure mode is, then, an excellent way to detect, repair, uninstall or delete any software or malware that could have been installed by accident and that is affecting the operation of the equipment.

How to start Windows 10 in safe mode?

To start Windows 10 safe mode, the simplest way is following the following steps:
  • 1. The operating system starts first.

  • 2. Then press the start button, then turn off, and then click Restart while holding down the SHIFT key on your keyboard.

  • 3. This will make your computer restart in advanced mode, which is the previous step to open Windows 10 in safe mode, but you will still miss one more step to achieve it.

  • 4. When you turn on Windows 10 safe mode will give you the option to continue, troubleshoot or turn off the computer. Choose to solve problems and then advanced options.

  • 5. In the options that will appear in the following menu, select Start Settings and you will be displayed on a list of Windows to start. Click on your keyboard the number corresponding to safe mode (with or without network functions, depending on what you need) and then the Restart button to start Windows 10 in safe mode.

If Windows does not start

If you do not know how to enter Windows 10 safe mode because your operating system seems seriously damaged and does not get uploading correctly even the home screen, you can access advanced start from the start of your computer by turning it and restarting several times. The step by step would be:

  • 1. Press the shutdown button on your computer for ten seconds to turn it off.

  • 2. Turn it on again and wait for the first image on the screen to appear.

  • 3. Click again on the shutdown button on your computer for ten seconds and turn it on for the second time.

  • 4. As soon as the first image appears on the screen, turn it on again and turn it on again for the third time, and now let Windows boot completely. You will access the advanced start menu. From here, follow the steps indicated above.

How to restart my PC in safe mode?

Depending on the equipment you use, you must press the F5 or F8 key during boot until the boot options menu appears in Secure Windows mode. Test with a key or another until you reach this screen. When you are in it, simply choose the option that interests you and press the Enter key to start Windows only with essential services.

What is the safe Windows 10 mode for?

Some of the most common uses that Windows safe mode has:
  • Elimination of a malware. Since safe mode, it is easier to eliminate harmful or defective programs or extensions that are usually reinstalled or preventing the operation of the system.

  • Reinstall defective drivers. From the safe mode it is possible to uninstall defective drivers and make the equipment running again.

  • Try different solutions. If you uninstall the most recent programs or drivers do not solve the problem, you can always return to safe mode and continue researching until it is given with the solution.

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